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Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report of 2014
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  The board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that there are no false records, misleading statements or important omissions in this report, and undertake individual and joint liability for the truth, accuracy and completeness of its content.
Ⅰ. Overview
  Corporate social responsibility refers to the responsibility that an enterprise should undertake for the stakeholders and the whole society while creating profits and being responsible for the interests of shareholders. Corporate social responsibility includes protecting employees’ health and safety, saving source, protecting ecological environment, creating value for customers, abiding by business ethics, etc. Enterprises realize the harmony and unity between enterprise and society by assuming social responsibilities.
  In 2014, in the production and operation, Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter be referred to as our company, the Company or Baosheng share for short) always strives to promote the concept of sustainable development, and pursues harmonious development of enterprise and employee, enterprise and society and enterprise and nature, takes concrete actions to repay society, care for nature and protect the environment, establishes a harmonious enterprise and fulfills social responsibility.
Ⅱ. The company's performance of fulfilling social responsibility in 2014
1.In terms of promoting sustainable economic development
a.Safeguard shareholders' rights and interests.
  The Company has always attached great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of shareholders, especially minority shareholders. The company has formulated its Articles of Association, rules of procedure of "three meetings", Measures for the Administration of Information Disclosure, Working System for Independent Directors and management system of production and operation, and the decision-making procedures of the company's operation and management, the rights and responsibilities of various functional institutions and other comprehensive systems to ensure the scientific management of the company and create value for shareholders. In order to facilitate the majority of investors to know the company’s situation more deeply and roundly, the company opens two investor hotlines. At the same time, in the "Shanghai Securities E Interaction" platform, the company interacts very warmly with investors, communicates with investors and answers their questions timely, so that investors can have a comprehensive, objective acquaintance and understanding of the company's investment value.
  Since it came into the market in 2004, the company has been paying cash dividends to pay back its shareholders for many years. In the past three years, the company has distributed profits of 63,384,141.56 yuan in cash dividends cumulatively.
b.Protect the rights and interests of creditors.
  The company has signed the contract with all creditors, and timely makes claims to them on the premise of not violating information disclosure to inform the major information and business situation of the company to ensure that creditors are informed of the company's business situation in a timely manner. The company has established good cooperative relations with various banking institutions, which not only guarantees the company's daily capital needs, but also obtains bank support for key projects of the company. Meanwhile, it also creates good benefits for cooperative banks.
c.Protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
  The first is to carry out "sending warmth" work, actively excluding the difficulty and anxiety for the difficult staff. Set up and improve the archives of difficult staff. Timely visit and comfort difficult employees. In 2014, the company issued 110,000 rescue funds to employees in need and sent the condolence to the employees who were sick in hospital and whose relatives died because of illness with more than five hundred thousand yuan. The second is to care about the production and life of front-line workers. On the basis of running well the staff canteen of cable city, the company also built a new staff canteen in Baosheng Technology City to solve the problem of eating difficulty for workers in new area of science and technology city. The company staff food management committee regularly holds the food supervision group meeting every month to constantly update the food variety on the basis of allowing staff to eat well. The food, which was free for employees before, increases its cost from 6 yuan to 8 yuan. Set meal is increased from one to three for employees to choose, which gets the wide acclaims of workers. At the same time, the company actively carries out the "cool in summer" activity in the summer vacation. The company buys the ice-water machine for the workshop and organizes the middle-level cadres of the company to go deep into the workshop to comfort the front-line workers and deliver ice cream, green bean soup and other cold drinks to them. In addition, the company timely sends flowers and cakes on workers’ wedding and birthday. The third is to practically guarantee legitimate rights and interests and special interests of women workers. The committee of women workers of the company adopts various forms to strengthen women workers' abilities of safeguarding legal rights and improve their awareness of safeguarding their own rights. The company's committee of women workers supervises the implementation of the relevant departments strictly in accordance with the relevant documents about all treatment during pregnancy, perinatal period and lactation period of women workers and the requirement of gynecologic examination once a year, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of women workers in a good way.
2.In terms of promoting sustainable development of environment and ecology
a. Implement green office and recyclable production.
  Facing the increasingly severe environmental pressure and resource pressure, the company actively responds to the call of government about energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. The company improves its working process, introduces electronic office platform, and launches paperless office.
  The company actively applies new energy-saving technology and new craft, and constantly intensifies efforts to energy-saving technology reform, elimination of backward, clean production and cyclic and comprehensive utilization of resources. The enterprise’s product consumption and water consumption continue to decline, which means that energy-saving work has achieved remarkable results. In the daily production process, the company recycles and makes centralized processing of the usable and non-usable wastes respectively. Besides, it collects the waste materials in the production process and subcontracts them to specialized waste treatment companies to do recycling treatment, in strict accordance with the national environmental-protection requirements, reducing the impact of enterprise on the environment to the hilt.
3.The company's work in promoting social sustainable development
a.Help and support the community.
  In 2014, the company organized employees to participate in the "May 19 Charity Day Donation" activity, and raised nearly 300,000 yuan. What’s more, it organized more than 100 employees to participate in voluntary blood donation, and won the title of "advanced unit of voluntary blood donation" in the county for several years, which fully reflected Baosheng's good social image and sense of responsibility.
b.Promote the development of scientific undertakings and the cultivation of scientific and technological personnel.
  In terms of technological innovation, all the 15 new products developed by the company have passed the provincial expert appraisal, among which 2 products have reached the international advanced level and have filled the domestic gap. Independent research and development of "railway through the ground line" and other 8 new products are recognized as provincial high-tech products. In the whole year, 10 patents are authorized.
Ⅲ. Self-assessment of fulfilling social responsibilities
  In 2014, the company has made certain efforts to promote economic sustainable development, environmental and ecological sustainable development, social sustainable development and other aspects, fulfilling social responsibilities. Meanwhile, the company also recognizes that there is still a gap between the expectations of stakeholders and beneficiaries. The company still needs to hold the concept and obligation of fulfilling social responsibility for a long time to do a better job in all aspects of work.

The board of directors
Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd.
March 31, 2015


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