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Supporting 12 Key Projects, "Baosheng Manufacturing" Helps the Winter Olympics
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From venue construction and supporting services in the three major competition areas, to low-carbon green new energy transmission, and then to the completion of key supporting railway lines, which involving 12 key venue construction projects for the Winter Olympics, with a value of nearly 300 million yuan in wire, cable and system products, products of Baosheng cluster exerted its strength to make "Made in Yangzhou" stunning the major construction sites of the Winter Olympics.

"Winter Olympics Business Card" made by Baosheng

The National Speed Skating Oval, also known as the "Ice Ribbon", is the only new ice competition venue in this event, and it is also the iconic venue in the Beijing main competition area of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. With 22 ribbon-shaped curved glass curtain walls circling high and low, it has become the face of the Beijing Winter Olympics venue. Every night, after the "ice ribbon" is lit, the LED lights embedded in it can emit light of different colors to create an ambilight effect, while the blue light and shadow simulate the flowing picture of speed skaters galloping on the track, with an elegant and smooth visual effect.

"Those 22 'ice ribbons' are integrated with a night scene lighting system, and at the same time, nearly 100,000 real-time data from 36 systems are connected, which is equivalent to the super brain of the ice ribbon.  The wires and cables that provide them with power transmission are our products from Baosheng." On the 6th, Guo Jian, assistant to the president and general manager of the Marketing Management Center of Bousheng Co., Ltd., said in an interview.

In this large-scale international event, the venue construction has extremely high requirements on the selection of cable materials, physical properties, and electrical properties. "In particular, the fire resistance and flame retardant performance indicators have reached a strict level." Guo Jian said. Baosheng has won high praise from customers for its world-leading product technical skills. It not only provides power cables and electrical equipment cables for "Ice Ribbon", but also outfits intelligent cables and special fireproof cable series and accessories products, forming a systematic supply.

National Alpine Skiing Centre, known as the "Pearl in the Crown of the Winter Olympics", is located in Haituo Mountain. The starting point of the snow track is at 2198 meters on the top of the mountain. The total length of the track is about 10 kilometers, the maximum vertical drop exceeds 900 meters, and the maximum slope reaches 68%. It is the project with the highest altitude, the worst environment and the most difficult construction among the Winter Olympic venues, and also one of the most difficult competition venues in the world.

Min Wanyong, assistant to the president of Baosheng, said that the pipeline construction and equipment installation project of the national alpine skiing snow making system requires nearly 50 kilometers of special cables to be laid underground, so that the entire track has no overhead lines.

"In the face of such a harsh environment and important project, clients are very strict in product selection. Finally, Baosheng products were successfully selected and became the only designated cable supplier for this product." Min Wanyong said.

"Winter Olympic Moment" of Baosheng employees

As early as 2015, after Beijing successful bid for the Olympic Games, Baosheng began to make arrangements in advance and overall planning. It set up a working group for the Winter Olympics to give full play to the advantages of team marketing and carry out project conquering.

"To hold the Winter Olympics, venues must be built, and the construction of venues demands wires and cables...". From this moment on, the clock has moved the "Winter Olympics time" belonging to Baosheng employees. At the same time, we actively strengthen communication with customers, meet customer needs, understand customers' pain points, itching points, and blocking points, and actively invite customers to visit Baosheng for technical exchanges and communication.

Li Ming, deputy chief engineer of Baosheng, recalled that we learned the highest point of Haituo Mountain area is 2,198 meters above sea level, while the performance of the cable requires not only cold resistance but also a certain anti-torsion performance. In response to this feature, Baosheng had come up with a feasible product design and supply plan in a short period of time.

"We wrap a layer of armored jacket in the cable, which can not only withstand general longitudinal tension, but also has good cold resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which is suitable for laying and use in extremely cold environments."

A layer of ingenious armored and cold-resistant jacket made the customer impressed by the research spirit and professional ability of Baosheng employees, and immediately selected as the exclusive cable supplier for this project.

At the end of 2019, the first "Winter Olympics cable" set off from Yangzhou, opening the moment when Baosheng refined and guaranteed the supply of products for the Winter Olympics. Li Ming said that during this period, Baosheng employees on the entire sales, research and production front did not dare to relax, and were always ready to adjust the production rhythm according to the changes in the construction requirements of users, collect feedback at the project site, and share logistics information with customers... Although it is not easy, every Baosheng employees involved is enthusiastic about this effort and dedication, and fulfills their responsibilities and missions without compromise.

The twelve "Winter Olympic Gold Medals" of Baosheng Group

As a national key project, the venue of the Winter Olympics is another "manufacturing field". The competition is not only the competitiveness of enterprise products, but also the gold content of advanced manufacturing between regional economies.

Among the three major competition areas of the Winter Olympics, Baosheng has obtained orders for the following projects: the National Speed Skating Stadium (Ice Ribbon) and the National Convention Center in the Beijing Division; the supporting integrated pipe gallery project, the Mountain News Center, and the National Alpine Skiing Building Snow system pipeline construction and equipment installation projects in the Yanqing Division; Nordic Center Cross-Country Ski Resort, Ski Jumping Resort, Winter Olympics Village and Ancient Poplar Stadium Group Construction, Chongli Ski Resort and Ski Jumping Energy Guarantee in Zhangjiakou Competition Area.

Guo Jian said, "With the above 10 projects, plus the emergency power protection project and the two important power grid security projects of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, we have participated in the construction of as many as 12 key projects for the Winter Olympics that have won bids, and more sporadic supporting facilities, which are second to none in the industry." Guo Jian still remembers that every project bidding site was full of people, and the atmosphere was very tense." At that time, all the famous cable companies in China came, and the competition was very fierce.

In the eyes of Baosheng employees, the 12 winning bids for the construction of the Winter Olympics are 12 "Winter Olympic Gold Medals", which signifies that Baosheng has changed from "single product champion" manufacturing and sales to "group first" system integration services. With more than 1,000 varieties and 10,000 models, nearly 10 million specifications of wire and cable and systems, Baosheng is committed to building a world-class, industry-leading provider of systematic, complete and systematic engineering solutions in the field of wire and cable. With its excellent innovation ability, strong customization ability, and meticulous delivery ability, it has continuously become the preferred brand in various large-scale iconic event projects in China.

"For the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, our project has entered the final sprint stage." Guo Jian said.


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