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Baosheng 500 kV High-voltage Cable Successfully Passed the Acceptance of Bangladesh Margaret Project
Release Time:2021-10-18 Hits10

Recently, Baosheng High Voltage Cable Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance of 500kV cable of Bangladesh Margaret project.

It is reported that the project is located at 36km southeast of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and is planned to build the second 9H gas- turbine in Bangladesh after Margaret phase II 9H gas-turbine combined cycle project. After this item is completed and put into operation, it will further alleviate the power shortage around Dhaka, Bangladesh. More importantly, it will play a positive role in stimulating the local economy and improving people's livelihood, and provide important power and energy guarantee for the social and economic development of Bangladesh.

When receiving this task, we faced many difficulties such as tight time, heavy task, technology and production process to be solved, especially under the dual pressure of the severe situation of COVID-19 prevention and control and the approaching order delivery date.

However, the company's leaders gave full play to the leading role of Party building and the role of Battle Fortress, shouldered the responsibility and grasped the task in their hands.

In the process of production and acceptance, affected by the epidemic, the supply of production raw materials was blocked, and some employees were isolated at home, resulting in a shortage of staff.

However, the tackling group of the production management department carefully organized and coordinated. In order to speed up the production progress, Party members and cadres promoted the spirit of hard work, worked overtime and stuck to their posts to ensure that orders were delivered on time.

The tackling group of the quality department always adheres to the work style of “overcoming difficulties and moving forward bravely” and tackles difficult problems and difficulties in the spirit of “nailing nails”.

The tackling group of the technology department formulated a detailed technical tackling plan, carefully organized and arranged inspection and testing. They worked intensively every day, but had no complaints. The product passed the strict test, all test parameters met the requirements, and passed the acceptance of relevant parties smoothly.

Shi Yunfeng, Party branch secretary and chairman of Baosheng High Voltage Cable Co., Ltd., said that Bangladesh Margaret project is another breakthrough of Baosheng high voltage in the field of 500kV EHV cable. The successful acceptance of 500kV cable of Bangladesh Margaret project marks that Baosheng high voltage has taken a solid step in the international market of EHV cable products.

 This not only provides useful experience for the follow-up international projects of Baosheng and the comprehensive development of 500kV EHV cable market, but also lays a solid foundation for building Baosheng boutique and Baosheng High-voltage Cable Company for high-quality development and high-efficiency growth.

In the next step, Baosheng will continue to do a good job in the later tracking service of the project and contribute a key force to the smooth progress of the project. 


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