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Baosheng YOFC's First Long-Length 220kV Photoelectric Composite Submarine Cable was Successfully Delivered, Leading Marine Technological Innovation and Implementing the Strategy of Maritime Power
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On the morning of September 20th, Baosheng YOFC Submarine Cable Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Baosheng YOFC) was held the delivery ceremony of the first long-length 220kV Photoelectric Composite Submarine Cable at Baosheng YOFC Wharf in Yangzhou. With the smooth delivery of the first long-length submarine cable, it marks that Baosheng YOFC has entered the era of completion and production.

Delivery ceremony of Baosheng YOFC’s first long-length 220kV photoelectric composite submarine cable

Baosheng high starting point positioning Create a new height Submarine cable industry
Baosheng YOFC located in Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, the total investment is 5 billion CNY, covers an area of 400,000 square meters, with 201.68 meters of the tallest tower in the world, it is the industry leader with the largest scale, the most complete product series and the most competitive market in the national wire and cable industry——Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. and the world's largest manufacturer of optical fiber, cable, prefabricated bar——Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company, established as a joint venture in 2018.

Baosheng YOFC has the world's tallest tower at 201.68 meters

Baosheng YOFC can provide customers with submarine cables, submarine optical cables, optical fiber composite cables, submarine special cables and umbilical cables, as well as systematic, systematic and integrated solutions for engineering design, manufacturing, installation, and service, it is the world's largest single marine cable production base.
The general cargo wharf of AVIC Baosheng YOFC in the Liuwei operation area of Yangzhou port is an important affiliated project of Baosheng YOFC, the project is a key transportation project in Jiangsu Province in 2019, construction started in February 2019, all completed in August 2020, and the first ship berthing has completed on September 10th , 2020. The completed wharf utilizes 228 meters of the Yangtze River's deep-water shoreline, and has a berth for 30,000-ton general cargo and can berth 50,000-ton ships. It is currently the largest wharf for domestic submarine cable projects with an annual cable transportation volume of more than 100,000 tons. Other corresponding supporting facilities of the terminal are complete, and 46,800 square meters of land requisitioned in the port area are used for storage yards to meet the professional and systematic needs of submarine cable products.
Meanwhile, Baosheng YOFC Wharf is positioned as a public wharf, open to the society, serving the construction and industrial needs of the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, actively guiding and boosting processing trade and related industries to gather behind the port area, attracting excellent hinterland resources in the port area, the rear is deposited to form a ‘Rivers linkage’, which connects the economic growth points of the hinterland, provides fair public service for the economic development of the hinterland, and can also maximize and intensify the utilization of precious and scarce resources such as coastlines and land areas. Alleviate the insufficient passing capacity of the general cargo berth in this area, and improve the transportation capacity of the general cargo in the Liuwei operation area.

Aiming at the commanding heights of industry development  
Seize the development opportunities of a maritime power
The 21st century is known as the era of global marine economy. Especially in recent years, the acceleration of clean energy projects such as offshore wind power projects has provided a large number of opportunities and a broad stage for enterprises which interested in developing offshore engineering.

Baosheng YOFC has the largest submarine cable wharf in China

In 2016, Baosheng further seized the commanding heights of the submarine cable market, improved the technical and industrial levels, accelerated the transformation to the high-end industry, and promoted Baosheng to become stronger, better and bigger. The submarine cable project is planned and designed in accordance with the "Industry First-class, World First-class" standard, with a total investment of 5 billion CNY, and will build the largest domestic and world-leading submarine cable production base. The construction scale and investment amount are huge, and there is a high degree of attention both inside and outside the industry. It was also included in the key industrial projects of Jiangsu Province that year.
In January 2018, in order to further adapt to the new changes in the submarine cable market, improve the submarine cable product line, and achieve full coverage of the offshore engineering market, Baosheng introduced YOFC as a strategic investor in the project to jointly invest in new projects such as submarine optical cable, submarine photoelectric composite cables, optical connectors, and submarine optical cable projects, which will further enhance the competitiveness of the projects.
In December 2018, as the last tank of concrete was poured to the reserved hole, the industry's tallest submarine cable cross-link tower with a height of 201.68 meters was successfully capped, marking the Baosheng YOFC project entering the final sprint sweep stage.
On September 10th 2020, Baosheng YOFC Wharf successfully completed the berthing ceremony of the first ship, which marked that Baosheng YOFC project has passed the last link and has a complete ability to participate in market competition and serve customers.
Create submarine cable products with the spirit of craftsmanship 
Create marketing advantages with innovation and vitality
‘This kind of cable cannot be produced in a short length, but a whole length. The processing must be completed at one time.’ said by Zhao Wenming, executive general manager of Baosheng YOFC. The continuous production and process flow of super long length puts forward high requirements on the manufacturing capacity of submarine cable manufacturers. Hence, Baosheng must get through many factors that restrict the long-length production of submarine cables, such as production lines, equipment, workshops and docks.
At the beginning of the project, Baosheng was preparing to overcome these difficulties. In terms of wharf, with the care of leaders at all levels of the provinces, municipalities and relevant departments, a high-quality port area in Yangzhou Port was designated as Baosheng YOFC Wharf Project. It is said that Baosheng YOFC Wharf utilizes 228 meters of the Yangtze River's deep-water shoreline, and the water depth of the shoreline after rip-rapped slope protection is nearly 20 meters, which can dock 50,000-ton ships and It is currently the largest domestic submarine cable project with annual cable transportation volume over 100,000 tons, the estimated annual throughput is 1.1 million tons. Meanwhile, Baosheng YOFC has also built the industry's highest (201.68m) tower production line, built the domestic largest single submarine cable factory (180,000 square meters), and bring in more than 100 sets of world-class production equipment production lines, which fully guarantees the submarine cable hardware facilities to meet the needs of related projects at domestic and abroad. 

Baosheng YOFC has built the largest single submarine cable factory in China with an area of 180,000 square meters

At the beginning of 2020, the sudden COVID-19 outbreak disrupted the construction pace of Baosheng YOFC, and a large number of imported equipment could not enter the installation and commissioning stage as scheduled. Due to the epidemic situation, foreign experts could not come to China on schedule, which brought great difficulties to the construction of the project. However, the Baosheng YOFC builders did not shrink back. On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, they started to work early. On the one hand, Baosheng builders contact with the foreign experts in time, accelerate the progress of the project equipment debugging through email, video conference and other forms. On the other hand, Baosheng YOFC Company specially set up a project tackling team, overall planning of the project construction work. Meanwhile, in accordance with the requirements of ‘lean manufacturing’, the builders of Baosheng YOFC boldly demonstrated, carefully tried, creatively applied the innovative technology to the relevant equipment, and improved the original equipment, greatly enhancing the technology, process level and work efficiency of the original equipment. With the conquest of technological and technical difficulties, the installation and commissioning of the whole marine cable project was successfully completed, which was laying a foundation for the production of the whole project.
The top-ranking projects always attract the favor of customers. Before the official production of Baosheng YOFC, it has been so enthusiastic in the market, attracting many customers to visit and investigate Baosheng YOFC, and highly appraising the performance index and production capacity of Baosheng YOFC products.
Qidong Offshore Wind Power Project is the first offshore wind power project in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, with a total investment of 14.7 billion CNY and a total installed capacity of 800 MW. It is also the largest offshore wind power project in China with the largest single capacity. After learning about the capabilities of Baosheng YOFC, the Qidong project handed over nearly 50 kilometers of submarine cables to Baosheng YOFC and became Baosheng's first customer to deliver products.

Chen Dayong, Chairman of Baosheng YOFC, said that with the smooth delivery of the Qidong project, Baosheng YOFC has realized the seamless connection of Baosheng YOFC from project implementation and construction to production and operation to serving customers in the market, providing strong support for the company with the ability to quickly seize the high-end submarine cable market. The delivery of the first long-length 220kV photoelectric composite submarine cable is just the beginning. In the field of ocean engineering, Baosheng YOFC, which stands at a new starting point, will use its own competitive advantages, continue to innovate, and strive to build a world-class submarine Cable production base. Recently, Baosheng YOFC has successively won the bid for 318 million CNY Hua’neng Shandong Peninsula Offshore Wind Power Project and the 545 million CNY Changle Offshore Wind Power Plant Project. This has greatly boosted the company’s operating performance, promoted the company’s industrial transformation and upgrading, and improved the company’s Market position in new marine energy and offshore oil and gas fields.

Baosheng YOFC's first long-length photoelectric composite submarine cable was successfully delivered at Baosheng YOFC Wharf

5G and other new generation information technology empowerment
Build a world-class submarine cable base
At present, Baosheng YOFC has not only bring in more than 100 sets of world-class production and testing equipment, but also adopted the world’s most cutting-edge advanced equipment and technology, independently developed a number of proprietary technologies and processes, and formed advanced processing and testing capabilities. In product performance, key indicators such as insulation eccentricity, Baosheng YOFC have absolute advantages, and many indicators are much higher than the industry level. In terms of process control, Baosheng YOFC adopts global advanced and unique technology, which can not only realize long-length production and reduce the failure rate caused by multiple joints in customer projects, but also has joint and long-length submarine cable manufacturing technology. In terms of delivery capacity, the average speed of Baosheng's Submarine Cable production line far exceeds domestic counterparts. The largest 50,000-ton shipping terminal in the domestic submarine cable industry ensures that Baosheng's Submarine Cable's delivery capacity has reached the international advanced level.
Meanwhile, in order to ensure product consistency and traceability, Baosheng YOFC continuously strengthens the top-level design of the production workshop, and builds smart factories with high standards by carrying elements such as 5G and other new-generation information technologies. With the industrial big data platform as the core, through the multi-layer intelligent control system and give full play to the technical advantages of 5G, through advanced information technology, realize the intelligent control of the whole process of submarine cable manufacturing, provide full life cycle management for product production. Concurrently, the company also has a world-class laboratory and a world-leading selection system to fully ensure product quality and high reliability. At present, Baosheng YOFC can provide customers with submarine cables, submarine optical cables, optical fiber composite cables, submarine special cables and umbilical cables, as well as systematic, systematic and integrated solutions for engineering design, manufacturing, installation, and service, it is the world's largest single marine cable production base.
The 21st century is the century of the ocean. The development of the marine industry on a global scale has attracted much attention, and the marine economy has become more and more important in the global economy. As the “central nerve” of global ocean communication and energy interconnection, submarine cables play a key basic role in it. Baosheng YOFC will also seize this opportunity, take the lead and act actively to serve domestic customers and help the implementation of the maritime power strategy. At the same time, it will actively go out to meet the needs of the “One Belt and One Road” and other coastal countries. For marine engineering projects, we strive to build Baosheng YOFC into an ‘Industry First-class, World First-class’ submarine cable engineering design, manufacturing, installation, service and other systematic and integrated solution provider.


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