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Front Line of the "Epidemic" of War丨780km Aid to Vulcan Mountain Hospital Cable Baosheng Shows the Role of State-owned Enterprises in the New Era
Release Time:2020-02-06 Hits10

In the Spring Festival of 2020, starting from Wuhan, COVID-19 has gradually spread to the whole country affects everyone. With the development of time, the situation of epidemic prevention and control remains severe and complicated.

As the leading company in the Chinese cable industry, Baosheng Group responded to the first time, and its subsidiary companies actively matched the demand, which effectively guaranteed the epidemic prevention and control projects of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, and Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center Construction of wires and cables and transportation needs, showing the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the new era.

Quick response, the first batch of cables arrived at the scene of Vulcan Mountain Hospital

On January 23, with the development of the epidemic, Wuhan City decided to build a specialized hospital for the treatment of patients with new-type coronavirus pneumonia—Vulcan Mountain Hospital by referring to the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital; on January 25, Wuhan City Epidemic Prevention Command held a dispatch Will decide that another specialized hospital will be built and named Raytheon Hospital.

The epidemic is an order, and the epidemic is a horn. Baosheng actively responded to the cable procurement needs of the Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain Hospital projects, mobilized nearly 100 teams with the backbone of party members as the core, gave up holiday breaks, and coordinated production scheduling. Under the premise of safety protection, the epidemic situation of working overtime was increased, and full production was guaranteed to ensure that the cables required for project construction were delivered on time.

Baosheng in the premise of safety protection to work overtime

In order to prevent and control the epidemic, Wuhan has temporarily closed external traffic. Baosheng took full advantage of the group's supporting advantages, communicated with the fraternal unit Baosheng Logistics Company, prepared transportation plans in advance, and set up a temporary party group consisting of two party cadres Yang Chunliang and Lu Bangchun, responsible for transportation tasks. The fastest time to cooperate with the construction of Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

At 12 o'clock at night of January 29, the delivery vehicle with the banner of "Auxiliary Cable Material Special Vehicle for Wuhan Epidemic Area" was hung out in front of the door.

At 12:00 noon on January 30, after 780km of transportation, the first batch of cables arrived at the Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital project site.

Baosheng Emergency Transportation Cable for Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital

Stop the spread of the epidemic, Baosheng People are ready to go

With the development of the epidemic, areas outside Wuhan are also facing pressure to prevent and control the epidemic.

It is reported that Baosheng has successively received cable order requirements for reconstruction projects of epidemic prevention and control hospitals throughout the country, such as Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital and Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center. Enterprises are stepping up production and trying their best to ensure project construction.

On January 31, after learning about the re-investigation, redeployment, and mobilization of Beijing for the prevention and control of the epidemic, the BCDE area of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital was rebuilt, and the responsible comrade of Baosheng Beijing Co., Ltd. was the first to dock the project Demand, coordinate company production. time is life. At 2 am, after obtaining the exact required model specifications, Baosheng's production department immediately went full force and entered a full-load production state, racing at all costs and time to ensure how Xiaotangshan's renovation project was completed and put into use.

At 11:00 pm on February 1, this batch of wire and cable products has been delivered to the project site of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital by Baosheng Logistics.

Baosheng Supports Cable Construction for Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital Reconstruction Project

On February 1st, in order to make the ward meet the requirements for treating patients with infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center rebuilt the second-stage building around ventilation and newly setting buffer areas. Baosheng (Sichuan) Cable Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Baosheng, also took the initiative to respond, adopting the method of docking and production, preparing for production ahead of schedule, and ensuring that the reconstruction project of the center was completed and put into production as scheduled.

An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. As a state-owned enterprise, Baosheng has an obligatory responsibility to stop the front line of the epidemic. At present, Baosheng and its subsidiaries have fully launched a rapid response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control, opened up capacity channels, and made every effort to ensure the relevant project construction needs.


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