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HR Strategy
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HR Strategy

We believe that employees are the most valuable assets of an enterprise. We uphold “people-oriented” concept to protect their interests, to cherish their life and health, and to create an open and transparent working atmosphere with fair competition. Our goal is to establish a dynamic and high-quality staff team with diversified cultures. 

We attach great importance to make contributions for employment in the region/country where AVIC is present. We strictly abide by every nation’s laws all the time, adhere to equal employment, treat employees of different nationalities, races, ages, religions and cultural backgrounds with respect and fairness, as well as firmly eliminate discrimination, child labor and forced labor.

We put emphasis on employees’ involvement in company management and hold regularly Worker’s Congress to carry out democratic participation, management and supervision so as to protect the employees’ rights to express their reasonable claims and safeguard their own interests. Moreover, we encourage our people to put forward their reasonable suggestions.

Career Development

We provide a comprehensive salary management, including material incentives, career development, training opportunities, spiritual rewards and welfare guarantee. Except for competitive salaries, we ensure that everybody will enjoy every statutory social insurance and welfare. 

We would like to build an enterprise where “everyone can achieve”. People of different interests and skills can be successful. We value the contribution of each position.

Education and Training

We hold that education & training will generate enterprise productivity and carries out on the job training, skill development and academic education.

1. New Employee Internship and Training

Baoheng has formulated "Management measures for college students' internship training", and carried out "spreading, helping and guiding" activities under the guidance of mentors to impart their knowledge, experience, technology, excellent professional ethics and working style to young technological personnel. At the same time, familiar with design, process, production, quality, safety and other aspects.

2. Training for further study  

2.1 With the concept of "Employee training is the strategic investment with the least risk and the biggest return", Baosheng established Baosheng Business School. Every year, tens of thousands of people attend the training.
2.2 Selected and sent to AVIC University for training and study.
2.3 Baosheng has cooperated with Harbin Institute of Technology to set up Baosheng  practice base, correspondence teaching station and scientific research cooperation
2.4 Baosheng cooperates with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to offer master of engineering management program and master of business administration program, cultivating 60 master's students each period.


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