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Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report of 2018
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  The board of directors and all directors of the Company warrant that there is no misrepresentation, misleading statement or material omission in this report, and undertake individual and joint liability for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of its contents.
  In 2018, Baosheng Science and Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BST”, “Company”) actively fulfilled the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises. At the same time, the Company consciously integrated the requirements of fulfilling social responsibility and promoting sustainable development into the Company's development strategy and corporate culture, took faithfully fulfill the organic unity of the Company's economic responsibility and social responsibility as its value pursuit, and rewards the society through various forms and ways, which enriched the content and form of the Company's fulfilling social responsibility.
Ⅰ. Brief introduction of BST 
Company profile
  BST’s total equity is 1,222,112,517 shares and Yang Zeyuan is the legal representative. The registered address and office address of the Company is No.1 Suzhong Road, Anyi town, Baoying County, Jiangsu Province.
  BST, a member of Aviation Industry Corporation China, was listed on the market in Shanghai Stock Exchange with the name of “Baosheng Stock” in short on August 2004 and the stock code is 600973. Baosheng Stock is the only one state-owned large holding enterprise in the wire and cable industry in China.
  With the most professional, serialized, large-scale, complete sets of product clusters in the industry, Baosheng can provide electrical energy and intelligent technology systematic solutions. The Company specializes in manufacturing seven category cables including industry-wide power cables, control and instrument cables, high frequency data and network cables, signal cables, magnet wires, overhead lines, building wires, precision conductors, polymer materials.
2.The culture of BST
  Mission statement: Transmitting light and information Vision:
  Excellent Electrical Energy and Intelligent Industry Group
  Values : Customer - centered, innovation for the soul, quality - oriented, 
      responsibility as the key, unity - based
Ⅱ. Our company's performance of social responsibility in 2018
1.Responsibility to shareholders
(1)Perfect corporation governance structure
  In 2018, based on the Company law, securities law, governance standards for listed companies and other laws and regulations as well as the Company's articles of association, the Company continuously deepened and improved the governance structure of the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the managers, which effectively develops the Company's operation system of checks and balances between the power organs, decision-making organs, supervisory organs and the management, ensuring the Company's standardized operation and effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders. Last year, the Company has held four general meetings of shareholders, including one annual general meeting and three temporary general meetings, fifteen board meetings, and eight meetings of the board of supervisors.
  The Company attaches great importance to the role of the special committee of the board of directors,who exercise their functions and powers in accordance with the articles of association of the Company and the working rules of the special committees of the board of directors.
  The procedure of the management of the Company complies with the provisions of the Company law and the articles of association. The managers can operate in compliance with laws and regulations and the authorization of the board of directors and strive to maximize shareholders' rights and social interests.
(2)Emphasis information disclosure
  Based on the governance standards of listed companies, the administrative measures for information disclosure of listed companies, the relevant disclosure rules of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the administrative measures for information disclosure, the Company has done a solid job in regular and temporary information disclosure, strictly complied with information disclosure rules, ensure the authenticity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information disclosure, and enhanced the effectiveness of information disclosure. In 2018, the announcements issued by the Company on the designated information disclosure media include: annual, semi-annual, quarterly reports and relevant documents, announcements of the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, related announcements of affiliated transactions, and other temporary announcements of the Company's disclosure. There is no violation of fair disclosure of information.
(3)Attach importance to investor relations management
  The Company has always attached great importance to investor relations management and worked hard to build a friendly, efficient and smooth information communication mechanism. To facilitate investors to have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the Company, the Company strengthens communication with investors, disseminates company information to the capital market in an open and fair manner through exchange announcements, Shanghai Stock Exchange online interaction, receiving visiting investors, arranging daily telephone communication and other means.
(4)Strive for shareholder returns
  Based on the total share capital of 1,222,112,517 shares as of March 15th, 2019, the Company paid a cash dividend of 0.29 yuan (tax included) per 10 shares to all shareholder, and total cash dividend payment: RMB 35,441,262.99 (accounting for 30.11% of the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2018). After the implementation of  this profit distribution plan, the remaining undistributed profits will be carried forward to the subsequent annual distribution.
2.Responsibility to clients
  In 2018, various economic indicators of Baosheng continued to maintain a good momentum of rapid growth, which strongly supported the development of local economy. Meanwhile, the Company has made great progress in technological innovation, market development, project construction, enterprise management and party construction. It has successfully developed a large number of key image projects such as the SCO Summit in Qingdao, the 19th Jiangsu Provincial Games and the first international import expo, Beijing new airport, Qingdao airport, Pudong airport, Wujiu railway, Yinxi high-speed railway, Guiyang metro, Shijiazhuang metro and Zhengzhou metro, making the enterprise market share and brand image to be further enhanced.
  The Company strictly complies with the relevant provisions of the contract law, signs business contracts with customers and suppliers in accordance with the principle of equal consultation, fairness and free will. On the premise of not violating the information disclosure, it timely informs creditors of the Company's major information and business situation, so as to ensure that creditors know the Company's business situation in a timely manner. The Company has established a good cooperative relationship with various banking institutions, which not only guarantees the daily capital needs of the Company, but also obtains bank support for key projects of the Company, and also creates good benefits for the cooperative banks.
3.Responsibility to employees
  The Company and its subsidiaries strictly comply with the provisions of the labor contract law and other laws and regulations, and establishes a relatively complete employment system involving employee recruitment, training and development, rewards and punishments, be on leave or attendance, salary and welfare, etc. In 2018, the Company combined the in-depth promotion of strategic transformation and strategic need of market- oriented transformation, and centered on the requirements of professionalism, specialization and internationalization, strove to improve the professional quality and ability of managers at all levels, strengthened the supervision and management of the selection and appointment of cadres, making the selection and appointment of cadres step by step on the scientific, democratic, institutionalized and standardized track. Through the establishment of a reasonable talent management mechanism, the Company has built a perfect management team.
4.Responsibility to society
(1)Actively paying taxes
  BST adhered to the basic principles of operating in good faith and paying taxes, and paid various taxes totaling 23,0784,100 yuan in 2018.
(2)Implement green office, recyclable production
  Facing the increasingly severe environment and resource pressure, the Company actively responds to the government's call for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, improves the working process within the Company, introduces electronic office platform, and launches paperless office.
  The Company actively applies new energy saving technologies and processes, and constantly increases efforts to improve energy saving technologies, eliminate the backward, clean  production and comprehensive utilization of resources cycle. The unit consumption of products and water consumption of enterprises have been decreasing, and the achievements in energy conservation have been remarkable. In the daily production process, the Company recycles and centralizes the usable and non-usable wastes. The waste products generated in the production process are collected uniformly, and then subcontracted to specialized waste treatment companies for unified recycling and treatment. The operation is strictly in accordance with the national environmental protection requirements, so as to minimize the impact of enterprises on the environment.
(3)Actively participate in public welfare undertakings
  In Baoying, Baosheng director Liang Wenxu visited the difficult workers Zhou Kuanchun, and sent condolence money; Deputy chief engineer Li Ming visited the difficult staff Liu Hai of technical center; Fang Fang, vice chairman of the trade union, visited families of martyrs Liu Hongsheng's home, injured workers Wang Wenjin, Zhang Yun's home, and sent them condolence money and New Year greetings. During the visit, Liang Wenxu, together with other leaders, talked with employees' families in a cordial manner to understand the living conditions of employees in difficulties. He also sent his sincere greetings and New Year wishes to encourage them to build up confidence, overcome difficulties, face life positively and optimistically and strive for an early recovery.
  In Lujiahuaguan village, Shandong province, representative of Shandong party branch of Baosheng, Gao Fanghua and other comrades, visited 14 poor families in the village with the person in charge of management committee of Ningyang economic development zone. During the visit, Gao Fanghua talked with the poor families, learned more about their family life, listened to their difficult needs, and encourage them to firmly overcome difficulties of faith under the care of the party and society, wishing them life can be thriving in the New Year.
  In Guan'er cha village, Xiji county, Ningxia, the person in charge of Baosheng Ningxia Company sent a holiday greeting to the needy. It’s said that Guan'er cha village is always the targeted poverty alleviation villages, one of the 71 poverty-stricken villages in Ningxia Hui autonomous region, with poor geographical environment and inconvenient transportation. In recent years, Baosheng Ningxia company has done its best to make technological innovation and product innovation, improve the market share of products and enhance the profitability of the enterprise. Meanwhile, Baosheng Ningxia company actively helped the disadvantaged out of poverty through product poverty alleviation, assistance to the poorest households, volunteer activities, cultural and technical support, and fulfilled the social responsibilities of enterprises. 
  Over the years, while accelerating the development of the Company, Baosheng has always taken poverty alleviation, charity and social return as its social responsibility. Although the overall economy of Baoying has made great progress, there are still many families in need, especially in some remote towns and villages, many people of illness or disability and lonely old people live in poverty, who are in urgent need of social care and support. In order to help these families and needy people, let them feel the care and warmth of society, in time for the traditional Chinese New Year holiday, Baosheng took out funds again to send a love to pair of Taicang village, Xi 'an Feng Town, Miaopu Village 44 poor households. 
Ⅲ. Self-assessment of social responsibility
  In 2018, although the Company has done some work in promoting economic sustainable development, environmental and ecological sustainable development and social sustainable development and has fulfilled its social responsibility, our company also recognized that there is still a gap between the expectations of stakeholders and beneficiaries. The Company needs to adhere to the concept and obligation of social responsibility for a long time, to do a better job in all aspects. 

The board of directors
Board of Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. 
March 15th, 2019


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