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Baosheng Group Held the Product Quality and Safety Production Warning Education Conference of 2019
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Recently, Baosheng Group organized the “Baosheng Group 2019 Product Quality and Safety Production Warning Education Conference” to comprehensively summarize the product quality and safety production work of the whole group in recent years, and deployed the focus of product quality and safety production of the whole group.

At the meeting, the video of product quality and production safety accident warning education broadcasted first. The meeting passed the recent domestic safety accidents, the daily safety production and product quality of the company's employees; it conveyed relevant national laws and regulations and other relevant provisions; and exchanged ideas on how to further improve product quality and safety production. Mr. Shao Wenlin, president of Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. made specific arrangements for the quality and safety of the group next step.

Finally, Mr. Yang Zeyuan, chairman of Baosheng Group, made a concluding speech on product quality and safety production work.

He pointed out that product quality and safe production work are the lifelines of enterprises, all of which are high-voltage lines and red lines that cannot be touched. We must tighten the product quality and safe production from the thought of this string, always do not relax, keep alarm bell ringing. In strict accordance with product quality and safe production requirements, with the highest standards, the most powerful measures and the most severe punishment, the work is caught in place and the results are achieved. The heads of all subsidiaries must make the company's requirements "internalize in the heart, externalize in the behavior", without discount; to achieve innovative implementation, better with the actual implementation; to achieve predictive implementation, advanced planning, high standards, high request to catch out characteristic of the product quality and safe production work, strive for the excellence. Do not be vague about the quality and safe production work, and can not cause any problems. First, we must effectively grasp the product quality and safe production system. To be grounded and implemented, there must be no gaps or gaps. Second, we must grasp the rules and regulations in place, and strictly regulated by rules. The system cannot be a "strawman" or a "paper tiger." Third, we must break down the responsibility into place, the responsibility to the person, and the responsibility to the side.

He said that all product quality and safety accidents occur because their hidden dangers have not been eliminated. As long as the hidden dangers are not identified, problems will arise. This is the core of the company's repeated emphasis on Heinrich's law. We must use these summarized rules and laws as guidelines to hold the rules of product quality and safe production management. Identify all the hidden dangers of product quality and safe production, find out, and eliminate all hidden dangers. Leaders and managers at all levels in charge of product quality and safe production must go deep into the grassroots level and carefully investigate and must not let go of any hidden dangers. They must completely eliminate hidden dangers at the source, use the system to strictly control, and cannot let go of any details regarding product quality and safety. The company's product quality and safety supervision departments should further improve the hidden danger investigation and treatment system, clarify hidden danger investigation methods, hidden danger classification, hidden danger report, hidden danger management acceptance procedures, and must carefully investigate hidden safety hazards, product quality hazards of system implementation, process, equipment, operating conditions, as well as plant facilities and other aspects. It is necessary to organize employees to participate in identifying various product quality and safety production risks.

He stressed that product quality and safe production work is ultimately a question of human ability and responsibility. Even the best technology and perfect system must rely on people's quality and responsibility to implement. It is necessary to make staff training work be done well, effectively and in place so that each Baosheng’s employee can reach and meet the safe production and quality work management requirements; every year, we should do a good job in staff grading, compete for posts, and develop the staff grading promotion system, so that employees can see the career promotion channel and enhance their work motivation; it is necessary to retrain the employees' skills and literacy, further improve their professional skills, professionalism and professionalism; in order to make product quality and safe production work truly,  employees should “internalized in the heart and externalized in the behavior”, so that employees can firmly establish the working concept of “not producing products that do not conform to product quality, and not engaged in production work without being unsafe”, and turn "want me to safety" into "I want to be safe"; we must strengthen the social and family linkage work, and jointly supervise employees to do safe production and product quality work.

He requested that the company's product quality management department and safety production management department must adopt the most advanced technical measures and technical methods to control product quality and safety production, especially pay attention to the application of new generation information technology and Internet technology, application of information, digital, intelligent management means. It is necessary to set up system specialists and system engineers for each system such as quality management system and safety production system, and is fully responsible for the implementation and effective operation of each system. Through the understanding, communication and implementation of each system, the production process is truly integrated with the quality management system and the safety production system, so that the production processes of each subsidiary are fully controlled. To treat product quality and safety production issues, we must establish the thinking and consciousness of "small problems and big work", and don't let go of even small incidents. For the well-made employees and units to be rewarded, the responsible person of the department in question should be severely punished. Through a series of strict measures, we will reverse the severe situation and passive situation faced by Baosheng's current product quality and safety production, laying a solid foundation for Baosheng's high-quality development and high-efficiency growth.

The meeting was attended by senior management, middle-level cadres, and the main responsible persons of subsidiaries and the relevant functional departments of the company about 500 people.


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