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Recently, the People's Government of Baoying County issued the “Baoying Charity Award” commendation decision, and Baosheng Group Co., Ltd. won the “Baoying Charity Award” again.

All the time, in the construction of charity and public welfare undertakings, Baosheng Group has always adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and has taken the responsibility of “inheriting and spreading the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation” and adhering to the society of “taking the society and using it”. The concept of public welfare strives to integrate enterprise development and charity and public welfare into an organism. The company has carried out charitable fund-raising activities many times, and actively responded to the spirit of the county “charity day donation” mobilization meeting and organized the employees to donate their love. The charity assistance and assistance project were steadily implemented, and the leadership team led the team several times to send condolences and condolence gifts to the people in townships and towns. Through real and sincere help to help the people in need, internalize the heart, externalize in the line, fulfill social responsibilities, and contribute to the promotion of regional charity and public welfare.

Charity and public welfare is a responsibility, but also a insist, a belief, Baosheng will always uphold the core values of the company, actively undertake and fulfill its social responsibilities, give full play to the leading role of the “leading” enterprises, and to create a positive atmosphere of focus on charity ,support charity and participation in charity, while helping the people in difficulty to achieve the longing for a better life, is also worthy of the mission and responsibility of a state-owned enterprise. 

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