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Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co. Ltd, a member of Aviation Industry Corporation China was listed on the market in Shanghai Stock Exchange with the name of “Baosheng Stock” in short on August,2004 and the stock code is 600973. Baosheng Stock is the only one state-owned large holding enterprise in the wire and cable industry in China.

With the most professional, serialized, large-scale, complete sets of product clusters in the industry, Baosheng can provide electrical energy and intelligent technology systematic solutions. The company specializes in manufacturing seven category cables including industry-wide power cables, control and instrument cables, high frequency data and network cables, signal cables, magnet wires, overhead lines, building wires, precision conductors, polymer materials. Baosheng has more than 500 kinds, 10,000 models and 900 thousand specifications of products. And Baosheng can also provide services of electrical engineering design, installation of intelligent equipment and photovoltaic power plant construction and EPC project general contracting. Baosheng supplies a full range of products and professional services with "excessive expectations, excessive satisfaction, super confidence" to meet the different needs of customers in different areas effectively.

Baosheng adheres to the constant technological innovation for customers to create value continuously. The company has the industry's first post-doctoral research station, the only one Joint high-voltage power cable research center by the local and national, the only one key laboratory in Jiangsu of special cable materials and reliability study, and provincial wire and cable engineering and technology research center, state-level enterprise technology center and Jiangsu provincial academician workstation. Baosheng participates in drafting 85 national and industrial standards. Baosheng owns 150 sets industry-leading production equipment and 170 patent technologies whereof the large-length mineral insulated cable manufacturing technology, low-temperature superconductivity, the third generation AP1000 nuclear power plant cable, aviation cable EWIS design take the lead in China.

Baosheng has established the largest and most competitive three-dimensional marketing network in the industry. The domestic market is divided into 9 sectors, 61 local marketing companies, and overseas marketing agencies are set up. To integrate industry value chain, Baosheng has already acquired enterprises or joint ventures with others successively in Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shanghai, Ningxia, Yangzhou, etc. for a national wide industrial layout. Resorting to the constantly increasing innovation capability, complete customization ability and strong delivery ability, the products cover all over China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and are exported to more than 40 countries such as South-east Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe and Australia, etc. and win trust and cooperation from customers all over the world.

Baosheng has been the preferred brand of national key projects and major activity arenas. Olympic Bird's Nest, Shanghai World Expo, Hangzhou G20 Summit, Beijing APEC Summit, Shanghai Tower, Beijing Capital Airport, Pudong Airport, Tiananmen Maintenance Project, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Reconstruction Project, Three Gorges Project, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Shanghai Maglev, Shanghai Metro, Ling’ao Nuclear Power Station, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station and the construction of CSCEC, China Railway, CEEC and other general contractors, as well as the domestic top 10 real estates all adopt Baosheng products. Baosheng products are also widely used in areas of a large number of high-end equipment of aerospace, nuclear power, marine engineering, shipbuilding, military, superconductivity, intelligent equipment, high-speed rail locomotives, etc., which makes a breakthrough among the multinational enterprises in special cables for the purpose of key development sectors in China and make a significant contribution to the localization.

As a leading company that has the largest scale, the most complete product categories and the most powerful influence in the cable industry of China, Baosheng will carry out the spirit of "Stronger, better and bigger state-owned enterprises " presented by Chairman Xi Jinping, aim at "100 billion Enterprise, Centennial Baosheng” and actively implement the innovative strategies of internationalization, high-end oriented, specialization, informationization and service oriented. Baosheng is vigorously forging the core-competitiveness of market, technology, talent, brand, capital, and makes the company become the domestic leader and the internationally famous wire and cable supplier.

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